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Davis, California

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Letter to the Editor

Today’s approval of the proposal proves to us that the UC Board of Regents will stop at nothing to achieve their desired diversity quota, even if it comes at the cost of the entire California education system. When you guarantee admittance to a higher proportion of the lowest performing high schools, and lower the proportion of the top students in the state, it is absurd to think that the quality of students will do anything but go down.

The committee voted for it over the objections of thousands of people who are concerned about lowering UC standards. These committee members and the UC Board of Regents as a whole abdicated their responsibility to the people of California by approving something that will decrease the value of education provided in this state.

There is no justifiable reason to lower standards for the UC system, especially at a time when doing so will make it more difficult to discern the most qualified applicants. This does not give incentives to hard working California students and puts the emphasis on the wrong type of admission criteria.


Tierney Burke



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