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Katy Perry Review

Rating: 4

Katy Perry, the newest American pop star, is something of a cross between Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson. Or perhaps it would be better to call her the unwanted step-sister of these pop darlingsPerry, for all her confident strutting, can’t sing like they can and, once listeners get past the sexual pandering of songs likeI Kissed A Girl,Perry’s attitude starts to feel forced. Especially since One Of The Boys spends over 43 minutes reaffirming this cutesy bad-girl image.

Perry is obsessed with sexual identity. If you haven’t managed to hear it yet, “I Kissed A Girlis a song, as its title suggests, about Perry kissing another girl. I won’t, however, hop on the critical bandwagon and call it a misogynistic, homophobic anthem. It seems that those critics have forgotten that Perry isn’t the first to capitalize on this pseudo-lesbian themethe 1999 film Cruel Intentions is remembered mostly for its girl-on-girl make-out scene, and even Britney Spears locked lips with Madonna in 2006. Which is to say that Perry’s not to blame for the easily sellable quality of female homoeroticism or for using it.

The album’s first single,Ur So Gay,flips the gender roles around, as Perry describes a boyfriend who acts gay butdoesn’t even like guys.It’s actually a hilarious double standardPerry can kiss a girljust to try it,but her boyfriend is some kind of idiot for wearing make-up and designer clothes. He can’t, in effect, pretend to be gay. Lyrics don’t get much stupider. The actual song, though, is a sort-of-catchy bouncy number that has been lost in the overwhelming shadow ofI Kissed A GirlandHot N Cold.

Besides the hit singles, One Of The Boys is mostly unremarkable. The remaining eight tracks are watered-down versions ofHot N Cold” – guitar pop rock with a few memorable choruses. Without much to help it along besides the singles, One Of The Boys has sold over a million copies. The singles, then, must be good. And they are; “Hot N Coldmight be the best female pop rock track since Clarkson’sSince U Been Gone,whileI Kissed A Girlcould be the sexiest hit on the radio in years.

I don’t have much experience listening to entire pop albumsI’ve never heard a Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson or Christina Aguilera CD all the way through. In this case though, I decided to give Katy Perry a listen, just to try it. As hard as it may be for me to admit, I heard a girl and I liked it.


Give these tracks a listen:Hot N Cold,” “Waking Up in Vegas

Sounds like: Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson


Zack Frederick


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