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Editorial: ASUCD elections

ASUCD senate and executive elections begin at 8 a.m. tomorrow and to help students make their selections, The California Aggie sat down with each senate and executive candidate to talk about the issues.

This election features a host of qualified and passionate candidates. The following senate and executive candidates endorsed all have good perspectives on the challenges ASUCD faces.


President and Vice President: Joe Chatham and Chris Dietrich

Both executive tickets this year consist of highly qualified former senators, each of whom are already very accomplished within ASUCD. While LEAD candidates Lula Ahmed-Falol and Rebecca Schwartz have good ideas and are well prepared for the job, independents Joe Chatham and Chris Dietrich have tangible, more reform-oriented goals that will ultimately do more for students.

Chatham and Dietrich are committed to bringing student government to the “next level by moving past partisan bickering. They want to overhaul the budget to make the necessary cuts, but more importantly they want to reallocate funds from inefficient programs and put them somewhere theyll be useful. Chatham and Dietrich also have a better record of improving student life in measurable ways.

In addition to Chatham and Dietrichs qualifications, its a good idea for the proper functioning of democracy to have different groups controlling the elected branches of government. An independent executive would provide a valuable check on the majority LEAD senate, and vice versa.


1. Trevor Taylor (LEAD)

Coffee House supervisor and former Interfraternity Council president, Taylor is an experienced leader with concrete ideas to improve student life. Taylors main platform goal of expanding and better promoting ASUCDs legal services would be an excellent resource for all students. Taylor, a junior political science and history major, has the professional yet pleasant demeanor that will help him effectively lobby the administration for student services.


2. Justin Gold (ACT)

Sophomore political science and philosophy major Gold is an ASUCD outsider who will bring a fresh perspective and new voice to the senate table. While Gold may be new to ASUCD, he served in student government in high school and has the common sense to identify and tackle problems in the system. Gold is committed to doing the little things that truly matter to students everyday lives like posting bus schedules at all stops and improving campus lighting.


3. Keven Massoudi (Independent)

Massoudi is the kind of person students should want representing and fighting for them in the administration. The sophomore political science major presents himself very professionally and comes across as mature, trustworthy and well-spoken. His philosophy that “the administration works for us is a refreshing and appropriate outlook. He has demonstrated previous success in lobbying for Wi-Fi in Wellman Hall and plans to continue efforts at improving student life.


4. Will Klein (ACT)

As an environmental science and management and nature and culture double major, Klein is committed to bringing a green voice to the senate. He has a strong vision for UC Davis potential to be an environmental leader. Klein has a solid idea of where best to make cuts to the budget to preserve services while eliminating unnecessary spending.


5. Momo Newbon (LEAD)

Chair of ASUCD Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission and former intern for President Ivan Carillo, Newbon has extensive experience and a deep knowledge of the operation of ASUCD. The junior sociology major is passionate, assertive and has already started working on her platform goals. Her objective of increasing knowledge about academic probation rules would help many students.


6. Chintan Desai (LEAD)

As a former resident advisor, Desai is in a unique position to represent the needs and challenges of UC Davis first-years. It is obvious in speaking with him that he is running because he honestly cares about the students at this university. Desai, a junior political science major, comes across as approachable and will give ample consideration to the requests and suggestions of students.


Unfortunately, an otherwise qualified candidate, Jeremia Kimelman, is studying abroad during spring quarter. Under other circumstances he would be an attractive candidate, but his decision to be absent for a third of his term is irresponsible and would be a disservice to students.


Undergraduate students can vote online at elections.ucdavis.edu beginning Wednesday at 8 a.m. through Friday at 8 a.m. Results will be announced in the Memorial Union at noon on Friday.


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