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Davis, California

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Best Bank



Headline: Best Bank


Wells Fargo,

340 F St.

Bank of America,

325 E St.

Washington Mutual,

330 E St.


With banks everywhere over the past year failing and being swallowed by giants of finance, it’s no wonder the people of Davis chose the durable Wells Fargo for best bank of 2009.

“They have a solid financial backing and really good customer service,said Teresa Faranda, a Wells Fargo customer for almost 20 years.

Wells Fargo is particularly appealing to younger people who appreciate their unique services for college students.

At 340 F St., the Davis branch of Wells Fargo is within a quarter mile of several other competing banks, including the second and third place winners for best bank. Wells Fargo boasts two in-store supermarket branches, one at the Marketplace Safeway and another at the South Davis Safeway. There are also 11 Wells Fargo ATMs throughout the city, making it easy to get your money when you need it.

Bank of America, at 325 E St., might thank its size and widespread locations for earning the second place spot this year.

At 330 E St., Washington Mutual’s signature free checking and humorous commercials were good enough to earn it the number three spot in this year’s best bank of Davis. WaMu was purchased recently by JPMorgan Chase and is currently in the midst of a long-term rebranding.


– Jon Gjerde


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