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Best Bike Shop

1. ASUCD Bike Barn

Hutchinson & California

2. B&L Bike Shop

610 Third St.

3. Ken’s Bike & Ski

650 G St.



Need a fender to avoid the infamous freshman stripe? Maybe a light to avoid that $100 fine? Or just a wrench to do a little work on your own? If so, the place to go is the ASUCD Bike Barn.

Founded in 1971, the Bike Barn is almost completely student-run although they do have a full-time general managerand has been the go-to location for UCD students with any and all bike-related needs. Its location next to the Silo makes it readily available to most students.

We’re the only bike shop on campus,said Philippe Chordas, the Bike Barn’s business manager.So if you get a flat on campus, at your dorm for example, it’s not that far to come here, and we usually can get it back to you the next day.

One thing that sets the Bike Barn apart from many competitors is that one need not pay to get their bike fixed. If you have the know-how but not the tools, the Bike Barn can help.

We’re very unique in the sense that we have our tool checkout system,Chordas said.If people don’t want to pay, they can buy a part and bring their ID cards and use a tool and do it themselves. You need your student ID card, and that’s all. You can get pretty much whatever tool you need to do a bike repair.

Another distinguishing feature is their bike rental program. The Bike Barn has over 250 cruisers that can be rented on a daily ($15) or weekly ($50) basis. Though generally taken advantage of in the summer, this service is a good option to give visitors a real Davis experience.

In second place is B&L Bike Shop. It is located downtown and has been a part of the Davis biking community since 1965. In third is Ken’s Bike and Ski, which, as its name would suggest, offers snow and ski equipment in addition to bike-related needs. Both shops are also proud sponsors of the Davis Bike Club.


Alex Wolf-Root


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