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Best Davis Sushi


Headline: Best Davis Sushi


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Davis Sushi Buffet Japanese Restaurant707 Second St.Fuji Chef213 G St.Zen Toro132 E St.

The name alone is a mouthful, but Davis Sushi Buffet Japanese Restaurant has made a meteoric rise to be UC Davis student’s favorite sushi spot.

The leap comes after a mere eight months in business. Restaurant manager Andrew Nguyen credited the business’ emphasis on customer service for its popularity.

“Customer satisfaction is most important to us,” Nguyen said.

With a lunch buffet at $12.95 and dinner for $16.95, Davis Sushi Japanese Restaurant aims at achieving that golden triumvirate of quality, quantity and affordability – and it seems to have hit all the right spots.

Nguyen pointed also to the restaurant’s elegance and energy as big customer draws. The restaurant’s boat-trays that carry food along an imitation river help enhance this unique atmosphere, Nguyen said.

Of course, one can’t forget the food itself.

“Our chef is well trained and underwent a tough selection procedure,” Nguyen said. “We want to keep our food unique and of good quality.”

Davis Sushi Buffet Japanese Restaurant is located at 707 Second St.

Second place on this year’s list goes to Fuji Chef at 213 G St. Last year’s number one lost out this year to it its newer rival, but their $12.99 lunchtime buffet still keeps the regulars queuing up for more.

At third place is Zen Toro at 132 E St. Many customers go to experience the famed heated toilet in the women’s restroom, but they stay for the menu, which features Hawaiian-Japanese specialties in addition to the traditional choices.

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