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Best place to meet a mate

1. In class

2. Parties

3. The ASUCD Coffee House



Do you have an account at eHarmony? How about Match.com? Well instead of wasting money on these dating sites, you would probably have more luck going to something you pay for to begin with: Class.

Alissa Gossett and Greg Osipoff are currently dating and unlike a common misconception, they did not meet at a party. They met in class. Not only is it convenient since you attend college for the primary reason of going to class (as strange a concept as that is) but according to Gossett, it lets people be themselves.

“In class you arent really looking just to hookup for a night, Gossett said. “Because you arent, you can just be yourself whereas at a party youre in a costume, youre drinking, or theres loud music – none of which are really conducive to making a genuine connection with someone.

Osipoff also explained that since you are in the same class, there is a greater chance of having similarities.

“You usually take classes based on a topic that interests you, Osipoff said. “Its really easy to get a conversation going since it is likely that the person sitting next to you has the same major.

Although you do not spend nearly as much time at parties as you do in class (hopefully), parties were voted as the second best place to find a mate. With all the people that attend parties, it is only natural that one person could be right for you.

The Coho takes the bronze for the best place for picking up your next interest. Always packed with people at most hours of the day, it is only a matter of a little game of “eenie, meenie, miney, moe before you have your next date with that special someone.

So remember, even if you do not go to class for the lecture, you should at least go for all the ladies and gents out there because who knows, maybe they will be your next potential mate.


Nick Markwith


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