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Best place to take a date in Davis

1. Arboretum

UC Davis campus

2. Bistro 33

226 F St.

3. The movies


Nothing says romance like a bunch of ducks!

The arboretum is the best place to take a date in Davis, whether you’re in the mood for a Mediterranean-inspired getaway, a redwood forest retreat or a simple picnic by Putah Creek.

The 100-acre garden contains over 22,000 trees and plants. Gentlemen need not buy their ladies flowers – the California Currents and gooseberries are in bloom this winter season, and visitors can look forward to the arrival of the poppies and the lilacs come spring.

“I think that the arboretum is a beautiful place to take a walk,” said Kathleen Socolofsky, director of the arboretum. “It can be a very romantic getaway from hectic student life, a nice alternative to going downtown or partying.”

For an especially romantic evening, visit the white flower garden gazebo by La Rue Road. But watch out, warned Socolofsky, many couples end up getting married in this very gazebo.

The arboretum holds several events throughout the year, like live music, guided tours and craft workshops. The events offer a unique experience, a scenic ambiance and sometimes a lesson or two from superintendent Warren Roberts, who gives educational tours of the property every month.

The arboretum is entirely free, and if you bring food from your own kitchen, you’ll have yourself a date worthy of these tough economic times.

Ready for the second date? Try second-place winner Bistro 33, the California fusion restaurant located in Historic City Hall, at 226 F St.; or the third place and good ol’ movie theatres in Davis such as the Varsity Theatre (616 Second St.), Regal Cinemas 5 (420 G St.) or Regal Cinemas 6 (101 F St.).





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