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Campus Judicial Report


The UC Davis Police referred a sophomore to SJA. The student was seen riding a bike against traffic. When the police spoke with the student, they determined that the bike she had been riding did not belong to her. It was actually a bike that had been reported stolen. The police arrested the student and reported her to Student Judicial Affairs.

The student explained that her sorority had a lot of bikes that the sorority members could use freely. It was determined that she was unaware that the bike she was riding had been reported stolen, so the police charged her with “joyriding” – using a vehicle for transportation without the permission of the owner but with the intention of returning the vehicle. After being found in violation of university policy, the student accepted a censure. If the offense is repeated in the future, the student will most likely be suspended or dismissed from the university.


Bike for Sale

The UC Davis Police referred a second year student to SJA. The student was walking on campus after school and happened to pass an unlocked bike. Although not originally planning to steal a bike, she decided to take the unlocked bike and sell it online to pay some of her bills. The owner of the stolen bike reported it missing, and later saw it listed for sale online. After talking with the bike owner, police contacted the bike thief using the number listed online. The bike owner requested that the bike thief not be prosecuted criminally, but the incident was reported to SJA. The student accepted a deferred separation until graduation and agreed to pay $150 in restitution to the bike owner. By accepting deferred separation, the student waived her right to a formal hearing should she be referred to SJA in the future.


The CAMPUS JUDICIAL REPORT is compiled by student members of the Campus Judicial Board. Additional information about SJA and the Campus Judicial Board may be found at sja.ucdavis.edu.



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