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CD Review

Tera Melos

Idioms, Vol. I

Sargent House


Rating: 3


If anybody marches to the beat of their own drum, it’s this band.

Tera Melos is a four-member group from Roseville, Calif. whose music is best described as experimental rock or math rock. Their songs have a chaotic sound, deviating from any musical rules or norms.

Idioms Vol. I, their newest EP that is available for download on teramelosmusic.com, consists of five covers of a mix of songs from The Beach Boys to The Pixies.

Tera Melos manages to stay true to some of the songs covered while still providing a fresh sound, and what starts out as one genre is completely shifted to another.

The cover ofHey Sandyby Polaris has punk influences, with funky electric guitar undertones and a faster beat. The cover also has the addition of a The Beach Boys‘ “God Only Knowsinterlude that works surprisingly well. The cover ofTameby The Pixies is less severe than the original, sounding more punky and fun than anything. My personal favorite is the cover of The Beach BoysMeant For You” – the band transforms a quiet, melodic song into a heavy instrumental parade of sounds.

Despite taking artistic liberties with some songs, others stay faithful to its original source. The band’s take onBlast Offby Rivers Cuomo is consistent with the Weezer sound, with heavier guitar and ample use of electronics. Even with the addition of chaotic guitars and electronics,Koka Kolais very true to The Clash version.

All in all, Idioms Vol. I is a fun EP to listen to, as it gives a completely different take on a variety of classic songs. Tera Melos produces an unpredictable sound that many people have never heard before, which makes them an exciting band to keep track of.

Tera Melos will be performing Saturday at 8 p.m. at The Boardwalk in Orangevale with RX Bandits, The Polar Bears and Pebaluna. Tickets can be purchased for $15 at tickets.com.


Give these tracks a listen:Meant For You,” “Hey Sandy

For fans of: Minus the Bear, Hella


– Julia McCandless




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