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Yeah Yeah Yeahs



Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Its Blitz!


Rating: 4


Despite theearly release of Yeah Yeah Yeahs third studio album Its Blitz! fans are undoubtedly grateful for the refreshing lyrical and audio bliss that Karen O, Nick Zinner and Brian Chase present to them on a silver platter made of 100 percent synth-drenched alternative rock.

After recovering from the emotional exhaustion that resulted from 2006s Show Your Bones, the band members reconvened in late 2007. O, Zinner and Chase rented out studios across America – in locations such as a dairy farm in Massachusetts and barns in New York and Texas – to focus and write for their next record.

Listening to Its Blitz! the first time through, its impossible to deny the brilliance of Zinners dreamy synth melodies, Chases nicely formulated and catchy dance-beats and Karen Os soothing, eerie and at times shrill voice. Most tracks on the album feature some if not all of these components to form one awesome synth-dream-dance adventure.

Its clear after hearing the entire album that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are capable of creating impressive and inventive music now as they have in the past. However, a couple tracks off Its Blitz! lack the lyrical and emotional rush that fans know the band is capable of delivering. The lyrics likeWell its a shock, shock to your soft side/ summer moon/ Catch your shut eyes/ in your room/ in my room inSoft Shock dont reach the same emotional level as the lyrics fromMaps off their debut album Fever to Tell.

Though the Yeah Yeah Yeahs challenge themselves by taking a new direction, a good number of the tracks off Its Blitz! have similar undertones, such asSkeletons andLittle Shadows.

Its a difficult task for a band to continuously come out with good music throughout the years, but the Yeah Yeah Yeahs definitely pulled through.

Side note: Fans of Its Blitz! should not read the album review written by Popsense editor Jeffrey Luppino-Esposito (popsense.com). It may cause some anger and/or heartbreak.


Give these tracks a listen:Hysteric, “Soft Shock, “Dull Life

For fans of: TV on the Radio, MGMT

– Simone Wahng


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