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Club Hoppin’: International Relations Student Association

The International Relations Student Association (IRSA) is the place to be for students looking for a laid back atmosphere to talk about current events, eat food from around the globe and learn about other cultures.

The club organizes weekly meetings and events that range fromcoffee and newspaperswhere members meet at the International House to discuss current events and politics over coffee to international movie nights at an art deco movie theater in Sacramento.

The group aims to bring together like-minded students with an interest in international relations.

“We provide a networking opportunity for students to meet other people who are international relations majors or are interested in the subject,said Svetlana Hristova, IRSA president.It provides a good hands-on experience to learn about other cultures.

The diversity of cultures and nationalities allow members to broaden their horizons, said Nathaniel Furniss, IRSA treasurer.

“We have the advantage of having a diverse group of people who have backgrounds from all parts of the world,he said.

Although they deal with serious issues, the group prides itself on maintaining a laid back and social atmosphere.

“It’s pretty laid back,said Jonathan Souza, secretary of IRSA.It’s a social club for people that have like-minded ideas. It’s a good place to meet other people.

The club combines the serious ideas of an academic club with a friendly atmosphere.

“IRSA does social activities that have an international scope,Furniss said.

The group has a number of events and excursions planned for the upcoming quarter, said Benjamin Callebaut, IRSA vice president. The group hopes to arrange a trip to San Francisco, a bonfire and a trivia night among maintaining their regular events such ascoffee and newspapersand international potlucks.

Many club members emphasized that IRSA is also open to all non-international relations majors, although Callebaut said that the club does provide many benefits to those who are international relations majors.

“It’s a good way for IR majors to team up for classes and class planninghe said.

The club sees a weekly attendance of 15 to 30 people, but Hristova said the club is always looking to expand.

Meetings are held every Thursday in 167 Olson at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

More information about IRSA can be found on their website irsa.ucdavis.edu or on their Facebook group.

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