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Wistful drinking

Super Senior,


What are the important dates coming up in spring quarter?


Workin For The Weekend


Ah yes, spring quarter. When the nights are short and the skirts are shorter. Generally speaking, the next two to three months will be the most rockintwo to the three months of the year. Almost every weekend has something going on that’s either fun to watch, fun to do or fun hear other people tell you about how much fun you seemed to have watching or doing. Here are the obvious standouts in very particular, some might even say chronological, order:

Picnic Day: 4/18. I know a guy who woke up at 5:30 a.m., passed out at 9 a.m., woke up at noon, passed out again at 4 p.m., woke up a third time at 7, and rallied until midnight. He is a champion. You, too, can be a champion.

4/20: 4/20. No, we’re not commemorating Columbine, we’re all just college students with glaucoma.

Rec Pool: 4/25 to whenever. Two points. One: Kudos to whoever designed the ads for this thing, they’re catchy as all hell (though I will say that I think Apple and the X-Men guys might want some credit). Two: Looking back to 4/18, this will likely cap the most baller week ever.

Cinco de Mayo: 5/5. Crack a Modelo Negro (anyone I see drinking Corona will get the ShamWow treatment), do some tequila body shots, drink the worm, pick some grapes for cash under the table, whatever.

The Whole Earth Festival: 5/8 to 5/10. This holds all the potential of the previous four events wrapped up in a tidy little hemp knapsack. Thankfully, you have three days to do it. Jump in on a drum circle, go to the hippie raves, get a henna tattoo, and for you conservative types, just sit back and laugh at all the blind fools not maximizing their utility.

Houseboats: 5/22 to 5/25. Work out really, really hard for the next six weeks to build your body up so that after you spend four days absolutely obliterating it you’ll be right back where you started. I think I remember this weekend being important for some other reason, something to do with memorials or something.

Anyhow, that about wraps it up. After Houseboats it’s a long, slow and likely scorchingly hot death until finals week. So if you get bored, I guess you could either study in the air-conditioned library or walk off someplace and drop acid. Your choice.


Super Senior,


Do you have any significant disagreements with the Aggie’sBest ofedition this year? I think there’s a conspiracy against Ali Baba’s for best burger.


Owner of Ali Baba’s


Yeah, I’ve got some disagreements with the list, but on the whole I think it captured the zeitgeist of the town. You’re absolutely right about Ali Baba’s though; their burgers and fries put Burgersn Brew to shame and make In-N-Out’s standard fare look like McDonalds (animal-style and 4×4 excepted).

But my biggest beef comes in the best bar category. How could Café/Bar Bernardo, with their signature, night capping/weekend ruining Wicky-Wacky-Woo, not make the list? That The G Street Pub made it is equally absurd; just looking at the place makes me feel like I need a shower.

I would like to add a category though; best leftovers. I get to-go boxes all the time, and there are definitely some places that do better than others out of the box the next day. I’m sure the various pizza joints would scuffle with the Chinese restaurants over this one, though you could make a case for Guad. That said, there will always be a special place in my heart for three day old Papa John’s.


Super Senior,


What is the absolute worst class you ever took at Davis?


Asker of the Most Benign Question Ever


That’s a toss up between Chemistry 118A Organic Chemistry for Health and Life Sciences and Wildlife Fish and Conservation Biology 110 Lab – Ecology and Conservation of Wild Mammals.

In the case of the former, unless you are absolutely, positively certain that you are going to be a doctor, take the Chemistry 8 series. There is no reason on God’s Green Earth to subject yourself to material that is both conceptually difficult and that you will never, ever in your life use for any purpose. The class burned me so bad that I took a full year off from chemistry, after which I begrudgingly enrolled in CHE 8B, got a B and called it even.

In the case of the latter course, if you’re all pro at turning your brain into Wikipedia, go for it. If you’re like the rest of us who understand that doing a Google has made the ability to spontaneously recall random information from one’s own brain obsolete, this class is not for you. Sample problem: From a jaw bone, give the full scientific name, date of family divergence, geographic distribution, defining characters, habitat and ecological niche of the species. Repeat 128 times.

I guess the point is, if you can avoid it, you don’t want to take any class that you know from the outset will be totally irrelevant to your future. That’s why I suggest, in all seriousness, that you take fly fishing. It’s rewarding, it’s relaxing and if the economy continues to sour, it’s potentially your only source of food.


K.C. CODY is sad that this is his last spring quarter. Cheer him up at kccody@ucdavis.edu.


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