47.7 F

Davis, California

Monday, February 26, 2024

Chemistry Magic Show

Live from the Chemistry Building at UC Davis,chemagicianswowed the audience with their bag of tricks this Picnic Day.

UC Davis students enthralled the audience with the power of chemistry via shows likeBrian and Eric’s Shopping Experience– mimicking popular television networks such as the Discovery Channel and the Food Network.

This 30-minute show proved that science can be reallycoolby demonstrating various chemical reactions. Did you know that bubbles are a fire hazard? Yes, bubbles.

From snowball fires to flour fires to making coke and beer to exploding bottle rockets to dry ice tricksthe audience loved it all.

Ten-year-old Daniel Ellingson, from Sacramento, said the hydrogen explosions were his favorite part.

“I was thinking it was pretty cool,he said.Especially the explosions … really cool bombings!”

Such a popular show, the hour-long lines didn’t deter picnic-goers from waiting in the sun for the Chemistry Magic Show.




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