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C.D. Review: Green River Ordinance

Green River Ordinance

Out Of My Hands

Virgin Records


Rating: 2


Remember when everyone had to buy their music from Wal-Mart so they could get thecleanversions of Blink 182 and Offspring CDs? The edgy album covers still made parents uneasy. The rebels listened to the uncut versions.

Of course, they could have instead made their parents sigh in relief with a Matchbox 20 album or a purity ring or something. And if Green River Ordinance were around back then, the band would have worked as well.

Out Of My Hands, Green River Ordinance’s second studio release and first release through a major label, follows its predecessors and influences like a dog.

Out Of My Hands is basic and formulaic, but Virgin knows it. Green River Ordinance knows it. It works, and there’s nothing really wrong with the album besides the fact that it’s a bundle of radio singles that will never hit the radio.

“Come Onsounds like a track fromGrey’s Anatomy,which really parallels the whole CD with its life lessons and bittersweet endings.On Your Ownsounds just likeLast October,which sounds just like the title trackOut Of My Hands.

Out Of My Hands is rock music to buy for your daughter. You’d feel great while listening to it on your trip to Disneyland, knowing that there’s an alternative to the mainstream’s corrupting side. Thank God there are only two sides.

The band also features bass and guitar-playing brothers Geoff and Jamey Ice, who have a cool enough surname to warrant at least a listen. That’s about it, though.

In other news, there’s a new Depeche Mode album out.


For fans of: The Fray, Lifehouse

Give these tracks a listen:Come On,” “Out Of My Hands


Justin T. Ho


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