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Editorial: Concert tickets

About 400 people expecting to go to an E-40 concert at Theta Xi were disappointed late last month when the concert was abruptly cancelled without explanation. Ticketholders had to learn by word of mouth that not only was the concert cancelled, but also they would not be able to obtain refunds for the tickets, which cost at least $20 each.

As Theta Xi has been very uncommunicative with ticketholders during this debacle, a natural instinct would be to blame the fraternity. It turns out, however, that it’s really the event promoter, 6 trees, which is responsible for the concert being cancelled. The event promoter was charged with securing the noise permit from the city of Davis but misrepresented the event to the police and the permit was subsequently revoked. Furthermore, Theta Xi has no control over the funds from the ticket sales. The PayPal account linked to the money is in the name of the event promoter.

While Theta Xi isn’t at fault for the concert’s cancellation, the fraternity should have done more to communicate with ticketholders. By associating their name with this event, the fraternity gave the impression they were in charge. Perception is important. At fault or not, students will be hesitant in the future to purchase tickets to a Theta Xi event. The fraternity should have spoken to ticketholders directly and acted as an advocate for them in getting refunds, instead of staying quiet.

The event promoter’s threats to sue Theta Xi for breach of contract are ridiculous. After the promoter failed to secure a noise permit, it’s unreasonable to expect the fraternity to continue with the concert. While the promoter may be out thousands of nonrefundable dollars, that’s the risk they take in their chosen business. They should have gotten insurance, or better yet, followed through on the task of ensuring the noise permit.


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