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Annual KDVS fundraiser an “overall success”

After a full week of avid fundraising from Apr. 20 to 26, campus radio station KDVS 90.3 FM raised $56,375, just shy of their $60,000 goal.

The online pledge system is still up and active, continuing to accept and receive donations. Currently, the station has raised $58,745 and continues to receive pledges from fundraiser.kdvs.org.

There are still premiums available for people who donate, said co-underwriting director Kevin Corrigan, a junior history major.

$58,765 is a number we are still very proud of,Corrigan said.We are very appreciative of our supporters, especially with their generosity this year, and it is great to know that so many people want to ensure that our freeform KDVS programming remains a viable source of new music, ideas and inspiration in the community.

The station held nothing back to ensure that the station would continue operating smoothly, pulling on-air stunts to help raiser money.

“[“The Chicken Yearswith Mick Mucus] brought down a random assortment of food and a blender, and each donor could request one ingredient for them to add,Johnson said in an e-mail.At the end of the show, after making $1,700, Mick and his co-host drank the concoction, which by that time was muddy red and chunky.

KDVS DJ A.J. Ramirez said that the station is already preparing for next year.

Post-fundraiser is almost as important as fundraiser week itself,he said in an e-mail. Personally, my department (the music department) is already preparing for next year’s fundraiser by gathering up new CDs to give away on a steady basis.

Since last year, KDVS has already made improvements to their pledge website, but general manager Ben Johnson said that they have plans to make it even better for the future.

This year we added a couple new features such as a pre-pledging system for people to donate for a specific show before it airs,Johnson said.We want to improve this feature and streamline the pledge process for online users. KDVS will continue working with Creative Media to make these improvements during the summer.

Although the $58,745 that KDVS has raised so far is a very impressive sum, Ramirez among others is still very optimistic about reaching their stated goal of $60,000.

I would encourage you all donate even five or 10 dollars to help us inch closer to our goal, and help support freeform community radio,Corrigan said.KDVS has a reputation as one of the greatest stations in the country, and our listener support affirms this.


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