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Friday, May 24, 2024

Target opening draws nearer

Construction workers are moving briskly to get the new Target store in East Davis complete and open by October.

In the mean time, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is ramping up its own efforts to clean up and control contaminants at the Frontier Fertilizer Superfund site to the west of the new Target development.

As part of the federal stimulus bill passed by Congress earlier this year, up to $5 million was allocated to assist with cleanup efforts at the site.

Most of the money will help pay for design and implementation of a heating mechanism that will be used to eliminate contaminants in the ground. That process will take one year, beginning in November or December, said EPA project manager Bonnie Arthur.

The EPA is also installing soil gas measurement probes to investigate the extent of trichloropropane (TCP) contamination. Samples taken near the Target site last fall revealed that TCP, a hazardous chemical, had migrated unexpectedly to the north.

The soil gas probes will determine whether any of that is moving up from the ground into the air.

“It gives us our best evaluation of any kind of current risks,Arthur said.

Computer models will use the data to determine whether the levels detected in the soil are enough to present a threat to homes or commercial buildings in the area.




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