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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Cap and Gown List

Much like the secret menu at In-N-Out, sometimes you have to bein-the-knowto get the full benefits of things. Granted, you’re not exactly cognizant of what you’re missing, but those with the information understand how much better life is with animal and protein styles. The same goes for the secret menu at Jamba Juice (though I’m partial to the old classics), and even more for the things on campus that you have to be aware of to enjoy.

Last week I was leaving the Coho, happily sipping my iced coffee from when the familiar sound of the bike cop’ssirenassaulted my ears. Foot traffic slowed almost to a halt, students started clapping and cheering him on and he pulled over a bike offender for riding on the walkway between the Coho and the Quad. Before long everyone resumed what they were doing, but the girl standing next to me turned and asked me about what had just gone on. I was shocked that she had never witnessed Davisown version of the superhero: the Bike Cop.

It was then I realized there are things on campus I should know about; there are bound to be secrets that could make my time left at Davis more fun. Now that we all know the bike cop, I did some more research (thanks to all who replied to my messages and e-mails) and compiled a list of some other things to help us stay in-the-know.

Tunnels: There is a tunnel that connects the basement of Wellman Hall to the basement of Kerr Hall. The only caveat is that the door to the tunnel is locked, but only from one side. So you can access it through Kerr and get to Wellman, but you can’t gain entry the other way. According to DavisWiki.org (if you haven’t checked out the website, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!), there is also a tunnel between Sproul Hall and Olson Hall, and several others around campus.

Hart Hall Media Distribution Lab: Many of us have had professors say,If you missed any part of the video, it’s on reserve at the Hart Media Lab.However, did you know that you could head over and watch a movie in their ever-changing listings even when it’s not for class? If you have a break between classes and you’re looking for something to fill that time, look no further.

Acceleration chairs: The Physics/Geology Building has several elevators, and located in one or two of them are these strange looking chairs with red seats. The chair is designed to demonstrate the acceleration in the elevator, and they are pretty bouncy. For those who aren’t science majors, you’re probably like me and will never step foot into the science buildings except to use the restroom; now we have a reason to visit. See if you can find these chairs, and let me know if you get motion sickness … I need a test subject!

The Toad Tunnel: This local, off-campus attraction did put Davis on the map … at least as far as Jon Stewart is concerned. Several years back, then Davis Mayor Julie Partansky became concerned about the high number of toads being run over by cars passing from South Davis to North Davis over the bridge. So they built a six-inch diameter pipe that runs under the bridge to guide the toads to safety. This is one of the things that makes me love this town, and as such should be pointed out to each class of students. This, my friends, is something you should know.

University Haircutters: There is a barbershop in Lower Freeborn! In the basement of Freeborn Hall, around the corner from The California Aggie and down the hall from KDVS, lies the University Haircutters, open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. How fantastic is that? Warning: according to its DavisWiki page, this campus fixture may only be around for a few more weeks, so call and make an appointment while you can.

Honorable mentions (caused by a lack of space) go to: the fistulated cow, the Student Recruitment and Retention Center (free faxing … need I say more?) and hide-and-seek games at the Death Star.


EMILY KAPLAN hopes you enjoyed her little known facts about Davis. She highly recommends Mojito Night at the Bistro for all of your brainstorming needs. To suggest something for one of her last few columns, or inquire about mojito madness, e-mail her at eckaplan@ucdavis.edu.


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