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Davis, California

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Police Briefs

Pop a squat

A female was seen urinating in a front yard on Villanova Drive and was subsequently arrested. Jan. 9.

Possibly his lucky day

An individual reported possibly finding drugs in an apartment. Jan. 9.

Hey man, you want some CRACK?!

An individual was approached by another person, on C Street, who asked if he wanted to buy crack. Oct. 31.

Day in the life

Two male transients were drinking alcohol, urinating and rummaging through garbage bins on Fifth Street. Oct. 31.

Is it in you?

Two subjects threw a Gatorade bottle at an individual’s car on Richards Boulevard. Oct. 28.

Are you my DD?!

An individual was sitting in their car on E Street when an extremely intoxicated male carrying a bottle of alcohol opened the door and sat in the passenger seat. Nov. 7.

Touched by an angel

On B Street, an unknown male grabbed a female’s neck and told her she needed to find the Lord. The male was arrested. Sept. 8.

The joy of music

An individual with a golden retriever threw a guitar at a train on Second Street. Nov. 4.

Why McCain’s age matters

A disoriented-sounding elderly resident called police to report flaming subjects walking on a wire. Nov. 4.

This Bud’s for you

Subjects on E Street were seen having a loud party and throwing beer off the balcony down to passersby Oct. 7.

Low Battery

An individual in an electric wheelchair was stopped in the crosswalk on Pole Line Road. Nov. 25.

Magical groceries

An individual on Pole Line Road called police to report that when she returned home after being gone all day, she found new groceries in her fridge.


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