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CD Review: Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind

Ursa Major

Atlantic Records


Rating: 3


The much-anticipated Third Eye Blind album Ursa Major seems to suggest an enticing continuation of the band’s success from their 90s peak. Though it was an effortful attempt aimed to claim back their spot in this new era of musical territory, it was not enough for the band to carry on their legendary legacy as alt-rock gods who stole the charts with songs likeSemi-Charmed Life,” “How’s it Going to BeandJumper.

So it’s no wonder why Ursa Major couldn’t exactly hold up to the classic Third Eye Blind sound, especially since the long awaited six years built up much expectation within the fan base. The entire album never ends up finding a cohesive identityit remains surprisingly unexpected yet juxtaposed by the familiarity of Third Eye Blind’s catchy hooks and lyrical balladry.

Opening trackCan You Take Meemulates the bands classic melodic guitar riffs married with Stephan Jenikin’s versesgiving fans the impression of an evocative album. This is not the case. Though songs likeBonfireandWater Landingdo make for a great listen, the band vies for a somewhat redemptive hope to recapture their old sounds. Third Eye Blind’s outwardly political lyrics and hip-hop cadences appear to only further aggravate fans hoping to hear the band take this album into the familiar hues of lull.

Once over the album’s first half of attemptive anomalousness, the 15-track lineup sounds as though their songs were unable to continue a potentially dynamic and provactive offering to audiences since Out of the Vein. Giving unfinished, subpar melodies throughout, Ursa Major was a good venturea gold star for effort, if you will.

It isn’t quite certain that Third Eye Blind confirmed to release Ursa Minora companion albumlater this year, but if rumors are true, we all hope to hear the promising dramatic snares and lyrical prose that lay tucked away at the back of our memories.


Give these tracks a listen:Bonfire,” “Why Can’t You Be

For fans of: Better Than Ezra, Our Lady Peace


Karen Song


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