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CD Review: Yacht

Artist: Yacht

Album: See Mystery Lights

Record Label: DFA Records


Rating: 4


The world of indie music is currently shifting toward electronically enhanced methods of music production. However, Portland-based duo Yacht has not made any significant changescausing the band’s music to fall into the snowballing genre of electro pop. Yacht, consisting of Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans (a fairly recent addition), released their second album See Mystery Lights on July 29.

What is fascinating about Yacht is not simply their ability to thickly layer collections of sounds and beats with off-handedly heavy and inspirational lyrics, but also that Yacht is both a belief system and businessmanaged by Bechtolt and Evans themselves. The duo states on their website thatYacht seeks to explore frontiers and to expand awareness of extraterrestrial Intelligencewhich is not only real but necessary.In addition, the pair explains the Yacht belief system, which includes various improvements of language, changing the current relationship between man and animal, freedom of expression and thought and the belief of an afterlife rather than aheavenorhell.

Many tracks off See Mystery Lights allude to this belief system. In their first track,Ring the Bell,Bechtolt sings,Will we go to heaven? / Or will we go to hell? / It’s my understanding, that neither are real.Combining these lyrics with lighthearted melodies and a light buzzing background noise, Yacht delicately packaged their belief system and melodious creation into a four-minute time span. The following trackThe Afterlifedescribes life continuing after death.

The singlePsychic City,is a more upbeat and carefree track on the record, seemingly unburdened by any Yacht beliefs.I used to live in a heartbeat city / I swear I’d fall in love every minute on the street / Come around the corner and our eyes might meet / Where you been darling?/ We’ve been holding this moment for you / I told you your dreams would come true.

Tying together all these values while hinting at a developing belief system, Yacht steers clear of mainstream music by staying creatively in tune with themselves.



Give these tracks a listen:Psychic City” “Ring the Bell

For fans of: MGMT, Of Montreal



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