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CD Review: The Nickel Slots

The Nickel Slots

The Nickel Slots



Rating: 3


The Nickel Slots, a Sacramento-based band consisting of Guitarist Tony Brucsca, bassist Paul Zinn, guitarist Steve Amaral and drummer Christopher Amaral will be releasing their self-titled debut album on Sept. 11. The band, who has performed together since November 2008, combines rustic melodies and riffs with rock beats to create a unique alternative country/folk rock sound.

Their single,Lucky Number 7s,spent roughly a month on KWOD 106.5 FM’s playlist until the station shut down in May. The track demonstrates the band’s ability to form a story line that fits their upbeat music. Brusca sings,From the darkest nights/ come the brightest days/ and the best is yet to come/ I say the best is yet to come.

However a handful of tracks on their new record lack lyrical and melodic diversity, which is to say many tracks contain lines that are repeated frequently and over the same bed of beats and tunesdissimilar to the typical choruses that listeners may be used to. Moreover the general tone and sound of each song seem to trickle into one another, resulting in a simple and unornamented sound throughout the 13-track record.

InRace Horse Running,Brusca sings,Time goes by like a race horse runnin/ time goes by like a race horse runnin/ runninaround and around and around the track, the track, the track/ Whoa, time goes by like a race horse runnin/ open up the gate and she takes off runnin/ time goes by but it always comes back,for roughly the last two minutes or so of the track. Although the tune progresses into different keys to form more interesting dynamics, the incessant repetition is still difficult to ignore. Tracks with similar lyrical-structure areStop SignandHurry and Be Over.

Despite the band’s somewhat trite lyrics, they’re abilities to string together rather catchy country-esque tunes outweigh the plain and unvaried verses. Though the general beat sounds similar in every track, it’s important to note that the small riffs and melodies make each song expressive and enjoyable.

The Nickel Slots will be performing at their release party on Sept. 11, which will also feature Golden Shoulders and King Cab. The show will take place at Old Ironsides, located at 1901 10th St. in Sacramento and will begin at 9 p.m. For more information on the Nickel Slots, visit their website: thenickelslotsmusic.com.


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