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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Letter to the editor: JOHN CERINO

raise money for an international charity in an outdoor area of heavy
foot traffic. The white people nearby are either very rich, or very
poor. I have a huge sign, complete with pictures of starving children.
Before the Obama election, people stood at my sign, applauded the
effort – and perhaps donated – before walking on.

After Obama
was elected, the unemployed white men would shuffle forward, stop and
stare at the sign, look a bit dejected, then disgusted, probably
thinking, “My skin’s not brown enough, I’m not poor enough. Another
club that don’t want me.”

There’s a perception among poor whites
that Obama doesn’t want to govern, but rather, win some sort of
international beauty contest at their expense. You know. Another party
where white people aren’t invited. In reality, Obama has neither ceded
territory, nor signed a treaty that diminishes America’s influence one
bit. Obama has not handed over any military bases to the nations that
house them, nor has he cut deals that make it easier to import foreign

In fact, Obama nearly started a trade war in support of
American tire makers. Honestly, Obama’s never been a Culture Warrior
for The Left. He’s never been the type of leader that won’t sleep until
every race and tribe feels represented at every table. That’s just not
been his thing.

Politics is perception, however, and
working-class white people are convinced Obama is working for everyone
but them. That’s why I thought it was hilarious when the Nobel
Committee Chairman said that the Peace Prize went to Obama because of
“realpolitik.” Realpolitik, huh? By giving Obama this prize, the
committee probably increased Rush Limbaugh’s audience by a good 10


Davis resident


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