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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Letters to the editor: CHARLES MELTON

I’m disheartened to hear that the homecoming bonfire has been postponed indefinitely, according to a Dateline UC Davis article published on Oct. 9. The article cites “environmental concerns from the bonfire’s pollution and … the university’s vision of environmental stewardship and sustainability.”

While I appreciate and support UC Davis’ desire to be green, environmentally friendly and sustainable, the university must not lose focus on one thing: our past. The bonfire began in the 1920s and is one of the main traditions here at UC Davis. It is an event that has been featured on the UC Davis website, written about in Abundant Harvest, and loved by students, alumni and the community.

In a time of change on our campus, and with our university looking to grow in the future, it is necessary that we do not lose focus of our history. It’s our history – our traditions – that make UC Davis unique. It’s our history that makes Aggie Pride. It’s our history that makes us say, “I’m an Aggie.” It’s our history that makes us UC Davis.

It’s a shame to have our very own university take away a historic event that has been so monumental and influential in the university’s history. I encourage our university’s administration and new chancellor to make changes to our university, to lead us into the future. But please, do not take away our history and do not take away our traditions.


Alumni, Class of 2008


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