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CD Review: Hornet Leg

Hornet Leg

Ribbon of Fear

K Records

Rating: 5

In this album, Hornet Leg captures an older, playful punk feel that I haven’t come across in a long time. The songs are mostly melodious, featuring an unrefined production factor, raw vocals and amazingly funny and creative lyrics that really make you want to thrash and groove.

The tempo of the tracks moves along at a steady crawl. This sing/speak method is very reminiscent of groups like The Dead Milkmen and Angry Samoans, and it’s one of the traits that gives Hornet Leg the old raw punk feel without being as fast, furious or abrasive as a lot of other iconic bands.

The songs are just fun to listen to. It’s music that actually makes you want to move, and honestly, I get a little kick out of singing along to songs like “Savage” because I get to yell things like, “We want to celebrate you in the back of our car” and “I’m better than average / I f*** like a savage.”

Give these tracks a listen: “Ribbon of Fear,” “Savage,” “We’re so Ugly”

For fans of: Angry Samoans, The Dead Milkmen, The Cramps

– Elena Buckley


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