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CD Review: Parachute


Losing Sleep

Mercury Records

Rating: 2

This debut album from Parachute delivers simplicity, predictability and hackneyed lyrics – but not much more.

While these boys from Charlottesville, Virginia have mainstream appeal and catchy songs, they don’t push any boundaries lyrically, instrumentally or melodically. Lead singer Will Anderson’s voice is generic and his lyrics barely scratch the surface. Two of the songs have background instrumentals that sound like they were copied and pasted from Maroon 5’s “This Love.”

The album is cathartic, however, if not innovative – with gentle vocals, soothing guitar riffs and steady drumbeats. It’s good music to listen to for a few times, but it lacks long-standing appeal.

In short, there is nothing that stands out from the album enough to make it memorable. The strong tracks are outnumbered by mediocre ones, causing Losing Sleep to disappear in the mass of forgettable pop-punk albums.

Give these tracks a listen: “Back Again,” “She Is Love”

For Fans Of: Boys Like Girls, Maroon 5

-Eleni Stephanides


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