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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Letter to the editor: CESAR A. LEON


I’ve attended numerous football and basketball games over the past five years. I appreciate the efforts the university has made in helping UC Davis take a step up to the Division I level.

I was shocked to hear, however, that cowbells are no longer permitted in football games. I wonder if this new policy isn’t a bit shortsighted. I think reasonably small cowbells outside the lawn – or “family” – area should be permitted in some general seating sections.

I’ve been at many games where we’ve faced third-and-long situations when our team needed us to get loud. The student body doesn’t make enough noise against opposing teams. I also witnessed a UC Davis-Cal State Northridge basketball game last year where three Northridge fans taunted and silenced three bleachers worth of students through intimidation and name-calling.

I think stepping up to face football teams like Fresno State and California requires a new approach. We need to develop a balance between that UC Davis community experience and becoming the 12th man for our Aggies to eventually meet – and beat – those kinds of teams.


Alumni, Class of 2005


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