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CD Review: Jay-Z


The Blueprint 3


Rating: 4

The Blueprint 3 is supposedly an anthem to Jay-Z’s innovative mark on the music industry. Jay-Z ambitiously sets out to release an album entirely centered on the idea that it will be a template for future originality – something he took literally in some tracks with its futuristic sound.

Hip-hop and rap has been subject to a downhill spiral of imitation and lack of creativity. It is refreshing to finally hear an album that isn’t a replica of overplayed radio hits that have identical beats and lyrics.

“Empire State of Mind” is one of the best songs on the album. It is also worth mentioning that it is one of the only songs not produced by Kanye West (coincidence?). I’m not a Kanye hater but I’m not a big fan either, which is why I find the other West-influenced tracks Kanye-tainted. Is that an innovative move? Probably not. C’mon Jay-Z.

Jay-Z’s efforts to digress his ways from mainstream Hip-POP are appreciated in “What We Talkin’ About” and “Thank You.”

Give these tracks a listen: “Empire State of Mind”

For fans of: Lupe Fiasco, Drake

– Karen Song


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