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Experience the Mystery at Freeborn

This Friday, dance your night away into a pulsing ectoplasm of electronic craziness – without having to go any further than Freeborn Hall. Electronic Music for Change (EMC) and the ASUCD Entertainment Council will be hosting an electronic dance party, entitled Mystery.

The Halloween-themed event will feature electronic music from the up-and-coming DJ duo Tritonal. Adding to the mix will be special guests C Kay, Sep D and Sheik the Freak.

EMC, a student-run campus organization, held their first sold-out electronic music dance event, Unity, earlier this year in May, earning more than $5,500 in charitable funds.

“The outcome exceeded our expectations, and it was a huge success,” said Nick Chi, president of EMC.

For this event, EMC has increased the maximum capacity from 1,000 to 1,500 to attract more party-goers.

“The event is headlined by Tritonal, who is one of today’s most exciting duos in the trance music scene,” Chi said. “The music will be uplifting, and I think it appeals to a demographic that even welcomes people who have never been to a rave before.”

Mystery will also be an opportunity for Davis folks to come and support their local artists.

One of the DJs is Sep Dadsetan (Sep D), a current Ph.D. student in molecular, cellular and integrative physiology. Dadsetan’s interest in electronic music and DJing developed when he was a freshman in college.

“It has a way of bringing people together,” Dadsetan said. “Parties held in the ’80s and early ’90s were established upon values of community and friendship, and I think that still resonates today. It’s all about a having a positive atmosphere, friendly people and escaping from the daily grind.”

The block party style event will have professional lasers and lighting effects, a 15,000 watt sound system, go-go dancers and fun giveaways like t-shirts and glow sticks. There will also be free refreshments sponsored by Fuze, Red Bull, Honest Tea, Vitamin Water and Dasani.

That’s right – free stuff and great music!

In addition, all that partying will give you a warm feeling inside, because you know you’ll be helping out for a good cause. Proceeds raised through the event will be donated to the UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

“Yes, there are a lot of philanthropic events going on in the fall, and it seems like everyone just wants your money,” said junior mechanical engineering major Veronica Coleman. “But, none of them will be able to offer the same experience that Mystery does.”

Coleman is in charge of decorations for the event. She said that she attended Unity in May, and had such an amazing time that she decided to join EMC over the summer.

“You can do the usual Friday routine and look for a party that will get shut down by cops due to noise complaints, or you can go to Mystery, have a good time, and dance until 2 a.m.,” Coleman said.

Another goal for the event, Chi said, is to dispel negative notions about electronic music and the rave party scene – which overshadows and constricts the potential of all dance parties alike.

“We should all be accepting of other people’s ideas and expression,” Dadsetan said. “The beauty of this musical form is that it’s open for everyone to experience it in their own way – everyone can just come together and have a good time without being an outcast.”

For the near future, Chi said that he has bigger ambitions.

“We’d like to throw EMC’s spring event in the Pavilion with a maximum capacity of 6,000 people, and eventually have it reach greater heights and potentials comparable to UC San Diego’s Sun God Festival.”

Costumes are encouraged for this event, so dress up, bring your friends, and consider your Friday night taken care of. You’ll have so much fun you won’t mind the sweat.

Tickets are available through the Freeborn Ticket Office, EMC staff members and Tickets.com. More information about the event can be found at electronicmusicforchange.com.

VANNA LE can be reached at arts@theaggie.org.


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