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Monday, February 26, 2024

Editorial: Newsom drops

Last week, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom dropped out the California governor’s race due to personal and current professional responsibilities.

Even though we can’t help but be a little disappointed, his decision was a smart move. His reasons for dropping his campaign are perfectly understandable.

Newsom replied to our past editorial piece with a plan of action on how to address student fee increases and his goals for the future of higher education. We appreciated his willingness to engage with college students, even though he could have been more specific. This was a lot more than other public officials have done in the past.

Students need a leader that has their best interests in mind, and Newsom seemed like he was making higher education a priority. He had the makings of someone who could potentially lead the interests of students. Hopefully, future candidates will take the time to engage in dialogue with UC Davis and other universities.

Newsom is relatively young and is focusing on his family right now. This time off will give him a chance to gain some substance as a candidate. When he returns, he will be ready and better prepared to take on a campaign once again. He should use the next few years to establish a solid presence on a statewide level and he already has a strong foundation. Moreover, he will not have to suffer through the personal negative attention his political campaign would most likely instigate.

One downside of Newsom’s withdrawal from the race is the lack of a challenger to the presumptive nominee. Now there will be no one challenging the leading Democratic candidate.

Here’s to the next race!


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