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CD Review: The Entrance Band

The Entrance Band


Ecstatic Peace

Rating: 4

The debut album from these three Chicago natives proves at once to be versatile, creative and driven by guitars, bass and drums that work in perfect harmony. Amidst a background of electric, psychedelic beats, the lead singer’s voice holds a sound reminiscent of The Killers’ Brandon Flowers.

Lyrically, The Entrance Band produces meaningful subject matter while remaining simple and succinct (“Only illusions can calm their distress / A crowded train frozen still in the night / Deafening silence considered polite.”) Themes ranging from song to song include MLK, grim reapers and silence on a crowded train. This makes for an album that is more versatile than many contemporary bands’ tracks that seem to sing only of universalities like love and heartbreak. Overall, The Entrance Band delivers an instrumentally, lyrically and vocally satisfying album.

Give these songs a listen: “Lookout,” “Hourglass”

For fans of: Queens of the Stone Age, Sonic Youth

– Eleni Stephanides


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