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CD Review: Weezer




Rating: 4

As Weezer comes out with more heart-meltingly adorable songs about getting ignored by hot girls and living life as nonchalant nerds, the more I fall in love. Weezer’s seventh album is an endearing combination of pop rock and humorous lyrics mostly written by lead singer Rivers Cuomo.

Cuomo ironically sings about lost love, drinking Patron and partying, paying bills, sharing Chicklets and going out with his homies – sound familiar?

Additional things I’d like to know: 1) Why has it taken this long for Weezer and Lil Wayne to collaborate? “Can’t Stop Partying” is probably every hipster-nerd’s theme song right now (I can imagine Michael Cera listening to it, let’s put it that way). 2) Why does Death Cab for Cutie come up when I hit the iTunes Genius feature for Weezer? And 3) Have you checked out Weezer Snuggies yet? Do so at weezersnuggie.com.

Give these tracks a listen: “Can’t Stop Partying”

For fans of: Death Cab for Cutie, Coconut Records

– Simone Wahng


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