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Ask Annette

Q: I’m a medical marijuana user with a California 215 identification card. Can I light up on campus?

A: Your question concerning medical marijuana is a very good one. As we all know, marijuana is an illegal substance – except possibly when prescribed by a physician for medical purposes, based on adequate documentation or information surrounding the need to use marijuana. The university has numerous policies dictating the consequences of using illegal substances on campus, as well as in the residence halls. There are many laws that apply as well. The university also understands the need to make reasonable accommodations for legitimate medical reasons. Remember, merely having a medical marijuana card does not, and will not, allow you to use medical marijuana on campus or in any residence hall. You would need to speak with those working in the Disabled Student Services office about your need for an accommodation. It would be there that an exemption or exception could be given for the university policies in place.

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