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CD Review: Pregnant


Ike Wimin

KDVS Recordings

Rating: 5

Forsaken Animal Collective fans rejoice. If you are like me and felt betrayed by the over-digitalized poppiness of Merriweather Post Pavilion, I have found you a savior: 23-year-old Sacramento native Pregnant is the one you seek.

It is not to say that Pregnant’s debut, Ike Wimin, is a direct rip-off of Animal Collective, but similarities in aesthetic are irrefutable. Like Animal Collective, Pregnant recontextualizes folk, tribal and aboriginal music into a digital mode. The music is a juxtaposition of nature and technology: Drum machines meet the sounds of birds and water. Crisp acoustic instruments are accompanied by synthy glitches.

Ike Wimin will hit record stores in the upcoming two weeks. Until then, the album can be ordered from KDVSrecordings.org or purchased directly from the KDVS radio station, located in Lower Freeborn. For now, it is only available on vinyl.

Give these tracks a listen: Any of them

For Fans Of: YACHT, Lucky Dragons

– Boris Freyman


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