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CD Review: Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap


Sony BMG

Rating: 3

Imogen Heap, former member of British electronic-pop duo Frou Frou, again proves that her music has no counterpart in today’s music industry with her third album, Ellipse. Each song blends layer upon layer of rich vocals, percussion, synthesizers, orchestral instruments and more. Heap combines her breathy, dreamlike voice and poetic lyrics with melodies that are mellow yet incredibly complex, creating 13 tracks that are each completely unique.

But Ellipse doesn’t quite exude the energy of Speak For Yourself, Heap’s last album. Ellipse longs for more upbeat, driving tracks like the opening number “First Train Home;” instead, it relies on meandering tunes and minimal electronic effects. Heap allows herself to be drawn into a trance of sorts, and the listener is left wondering when the album will really come alive.

Give these tracks a listen: “First Train Home,” “Earth”

For Fans Of: Frou Frou

– Robin Migdol


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