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Friday, February 23, 2024

Roving Reporter

“My family and I sit down and watch the National Dog Show together.” – Alex Hardwieger, junior English major

“Every year for thanksgiving my uncles play turkey bowl and the cousins and aunts just go watch them. They play for blood, so it’s pretty intense.” — Monica Armendarez, sophomore biological sciences

“You know those garlands made of popcorn? We always make those instead of plastic ones and then afterwards we put them in the trees outside so birds can eat them.” – Josh Knowles-Hinrichs, sophomore English major

“Every year my friends and I make a gingerbread house. We bake the gingerbread and it’s always an awkward shape, but we make it work with a lot of icing.” – Amanda Kwong, senior international agricultural development major

“On Christmas we either go snowboarding, because no one’s on the mountain – and that’s really nice – or we see movies and eat Chinese food.” – Lauren Woods, senior political science major

“All of my holiday traditions generally involve getting together with the whole family and just hanging out. They’re a little bit strange though because they always have themes. Like a couple years ago we had a pirate theme and we all wore pirate hats and had a treasure hunt.” – Daniel Platner, first-year mechanical engineering major

“The Christmas pickle. My mom did it with my brothers and me. She got this shiny big glossy pickle ornament. She’d hide it in the middle of the tree. But after we finished opening presents, my brothers and I would look for this Christmas pickle that’s hidden somewhere in the tree. And the one of us who found it got an extra present in the end. It got pretty violent some years.” – Toby Dombroski, junior mathematics major


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