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CD review: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

Christmas in The Heart


Rating: 3

Oh, how far our heroes have fallen. It is a sad age when one has to see a legendary folk-singer sink so low as to make an album of Christmas music. One must wonder how raspy voices and a mumbling Dylan can pull off singing songs of Christmas cheer and peace on earth.

Pretty easily, actually. While this CD can easily be written off as Dylan’s senility shining through, it feels strangely endearing. Christmas in the Heart sounds like something you might hear from your favorite uncle after he had too many of grandma’s eggnogs on Christmas Eve. It’s very raw and very real, but also wrapped up in fuzzy blankets of Americana and Norman Rockwell. At times it is hard to hear Bob Dylan’s raspy, phlemgy voice reach for the higher notes, but like any Christmas music the songs incite images of fuzzy sweaters and warm log fires.

Give these tracks a listen: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Christmas Island”

For Fans Of: Joan Baez, The Band

– Anastasia Zhuravleva


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