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CD review: Life in 24 Frames

Life in 24 Frames

Blessed are the Forgetful


Rating: 3

Sacramento’s Life in 24 Frames are armed with swooning melodies and a slow-motion substratosphere that may leave you feeling, well, a little blazed. Their music is delicately woven through gentle lyricism and solid guitar moves that resemble kindred spirits Band of Horses and Explosions in the Sky. For instance, the track “You Always Were My Achilles Heel” is driven by a multidimensional wall of melancholic sound and wavering guitar lines.

As a Radiohead fan, listening to this new 3-song EP single instantly conjured up images and noises of the forgotten ’90s dream-like melodies of soft and ambient indie-rock. However, this band never fully settles in; nothing new is brought to the table – this is the sound of a band trying to find their own sound as time progresses. There may be potential, though, as a full-length EP is still in the works.

Give these tracks a listen: “The Girl Who Cried Wolf,” “You Always Were My Achilles Heel”

For Fans Of: Radiohead, Explosions in the Sky

– Vanna Le


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