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The Twilight Saga: New Moon review

Like most series movies – think Harry Potter and Star Wars – the Twilight Saga will leave fans wanting more … but maybe no one else.

Chances are, those highly against the Twilight phenomenon will not read this review, let alone watch its sequel New Moon. Even so, you might want to follow the flock on this one, just to see what it’s like.

The hype around the franchise, however, is what makes both Twilight and New Moon so exciting. Adoring fans shamelessly counted down the days to this release and waited in line for hours while wearing either “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” shirts.

New Moon stars actors Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black). In the first film, high school junior Bella moves to the town of Forks and falls in love with Edward – who happens to be a pale-faced, cold yet sparkling-skinned bloodsucking “vegetarian” vampire (only drinks animal blood). After playing some baseball, a human-bloodsucking vampire wants to drink Bella’s blood. He chases Bella, Bella gets hurt, Edward and his family of vamps kill him.

New Moon picks up where Twilight left off. After a birthday mishap, Edward breaks up with Bella and disappears. The whole movie primarily focuses on Bella post-breakup, dealing with her depression through hang outs and adrenaline-seeking adventures with friend Jacob.

Jacob’s shirt is off for most of the movie, and I think no one had a problem with that. In fact, there was a general sigh of approval in my theater of pre-pubescent teeny boppers on the release day of the movie. After New Moon, you may just want to change your loyalties to “Team Jacob.” Be warned though; Lautner has not yet turned 18.

Bella’s character is a clumsy, dependant anti-heroine, reinforcing negative gender stereotypes portraying women as the weaker, submissive sex. Although her portrayal of a post-breakup does somewhat accurately show what some girls go through, she tends to act inferior to her male counterparts. She unrealistically makes us believe that love is possible with just a glance in a biology class, that your boyfriend should be a strong masculine figure willing to protect you against evil and that, otherwise, your world will fall apart without him. Plus, Stewart as an actress bothers me with her constant lip-biting, hair touching and bad acting.

When Edward leaves, Bella becomes a mess. She then turns to Jacob, who obviously has the hots for her. As she jumps off of cliffs, longing for Edward, she uses Jacob to keep her warm while he is away.

Since adapted from the Twilight book series, New Moon does leave out some minor details here and there. However, author Stephanie Meyer does not produce a work of art. Her books, and the movies alike, are addicting – leaving you wanting to know what will happen next. There is no need to read the books to understand the movie, though they are an easy read if you have a couple of hours to spare.

Most people should know that this is no work of cinematic excellence. It serves as a fantasy-escape to those tired of the dull world. This strangely captivating love story between Bella and Edward leaves you saying “aww” and the mystery behind mystical world of vampires and werewolves entices us. The hype itself leaves you wondering if you should watch the series. As an admitted fan, I recommend that you do, even with these warnings.

My favorite part of the movie? Jacob Black and his six pack, and the scenes with the ancient Italian vampire clan the “Volturi”, which was filmed on-location in gorgeous Italy. I wore my Volturi shirt to the theater.

ANGELA RUGGIERO can be reached at arts@theaggie.org.


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