49.5 F

Davis, California

Friday, March 1, 2024

Police Briefs


Drugged driving

A patient who had just received narcotic drugs got into their vehicle and left on Sutter Place.


Party – Hobo Party

Six transients were seen with open containers on Chestnut Lane.

When old people attack

An elderly female was seen walking in the bike lane with a walker on Covell Boulevard at Highway 113.


Worst way to straighten your hair

An intoxicated individual passed out on Second Street between J and K Streets and was lying on top of the railroad ties.

The one Santa left behind

A resident on Alvarado Avenue found a box of new DVDs on top of their heating and air conditioning unit.


TVs that watch themselves

A resident on Alhambra Drive returned home from vacation to find a television on upstairs that the resident did not leave turned on.

One confused pet

A resident on Eligio Lane found a brown fluffy puppy wearing a red kitty collar with paw prints on it but no identifying tag.

This calls for a public stoning

A former roommate stole decorative stones from the front yard of an individual on Calaveras Avenue.

POLICE BRIEFS are compiled by JEREMY OGUL from the public logs of the Davis Police Department, which can be found online at cityofdavis.org/police/log. The events reported here reflect the official version of what happened. This segment appears Tuesdays.


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