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Ask Annette

Q: What are the laws regarding inebriation in class? Does this still apply if I wasn’t drinking on campus?

A: Inebriated is the polite term for being drunk or intoxicated. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as: “To make drunk: intoxicate. An intoxicated person.” This could constitute being drunk in public and then all of the issues surrounding this law would be taken into consideration. Are you able to function responsibly and safely? Are you disturbing the peace of others? Are you of legal drinking age? If the police are called because of this issue, there could be ramifications for the individual. We probably would inquire about your drinking habits. To attend class while under the influence, drunk, intoxicated and/or inebriated, indicates a problem. Being drunk in public is the issue at hand, and it won’t usually matter where you were consuming the alcohol to become “inebriated.” Hey, you’re in a great school, getting a great education … don’t you want to remember what you learned?

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