72.4 F

Davis, California

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Roving Reporter

1. “To make more music on my drum machine, but I’m finding it hard because in today’s music production world you need to be versed in a myriad programs. But look out for my album by the end of this year.” – Arjun Srivatsa, junior communication major

8. “To keep in contact with friends back home and read more for pleasure. It’s going well except the reading-for-pleasure part.” -Lauren Basta, sophomore human development major

9. “Drink less coffee, but that hasn’t been working because I’ve been drinking it twice a day.” – Brian Sparks, senior international relations major

13. “I’d like to save money for a trip to Cabo for spring break. It’s not going well so far, but we’ll see. Mom and pops may have to help out.” – Ryan Krause, sophomore international relations major

14. “I would like to get a puppy. But I don’t think it’d be possible yet – maybe for Christmas.” – Jenny Wang, sophomore communication major

– Text by VANNA LE

– Photos by EVAN DAVIS


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