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CD review: Cold War Kids

Artist: Cold War Kids

Album: Behave Yourself EP

Record Label: Downtown Records

Rating: 2

SoCal natives Cold War Kids have done it again. Their new EP Behave Yourself is sure to bring another wave of half-hearted reviews of the bluesy punk band. Is the EP particularly good in the sense that it’s nothing that you have never heard before? Not really; every song sounds like their previously released music. But after what feels like 10 of the same Cold War Kids songs for the past four years, it feels like a fresh start for the band.

Audiences and critics have heard dozens of bands that sounds exactly like this, and one wonders why fans are eating this stuff right up. There is nothing new on this album – Nathan Willett still begs God for forgiveness and the guitars and piano interludes still barely screech by as being musically worthwhile. It is highly recommended that you cut your losses and listen to something with a little bit more soul.

Give these songs a listen: “Santa Ana Winds”, “Sermons”

For fans of: Kings of Leon, Death Cab for Cutie

– Anastasia Zhuravleva


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