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CD review: Heidi Montag

Artist: Heidi Montag

Album: Superficial

Record Label: 2010 Pratt Productions/ Warner Music Group

Rating: 1

If you thought Heidi Montag was annoying on MTV’s show “The Hills,” she is simply obnoxious as she attempts to sing. Although the fans of pop are admittedly lax about the quality of songs today, this is simply no excuse for what occurred here. Unlike the reigning Princess of Pop Britney Spears, Heidi Montag has neither the history nor the popularity to carry her through the attempt at creating music.

Her voice is so overproduced that it’s hard to distinguish a human voice. The beats are actually painful: they give the listener a headache within five minutes. Because this trend is so pardonable nowadays, this might not be enough evidence to condemn her, but unfortunately the lyrics are simply ridiculous as well. The words, reminiscent of every other D- pop star, just further detract from the overall catastrophe that “Spidey” dares call an album.

Give these tracks a listen: “Superficial,” “Twisted”

For Fans Of: Gwen Stefani, Ke$ha

– Brittany Pearlman


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