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CD review: Spoon

Artist: Spoon

Album: Transference

Record label: Merge

Rating: 4

Spoon’s latest Transference is like the return of an old friend. At times robotic, the album airs on the side of experimental – seemingly forgetting its quirky Austin roots. Yet a certain element of dysfunction defines Spoon, and is entirely characteristic of the band’s ability to regenerate while remaining familiar with its garage birth 15 years ago. Traditionally jagged and free-flowing songs are sandwiched between the more digitized and clean beats. The transitions between the two Spoon-isms are smooth though. Each song is the last’s bizarre step-brother.

“Written in Reverse” insists upon itself with demanding off-key piano riffs and is a proud addition to the band’s bests. “Goodnight Laura” is the band’s first ballad – which isn’t their expertise, but isn’t bad either. The band is clearly confident in the old tricks that have come to define their sound.

Give these tracks a listen: “Written in reverse,” “I Saw the Light”

For fans of: Arcade Fire, The Rolling Stones

– Lauren Steussy


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