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CD Review: Beach House

Artist: Beach House

Album: Teen Dream

Record Label: Sub Pop

Rating: 4

Following up their 2008 release of Devotion, Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House released their third album, Teen Dream, on Tuesday. Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally evolve from the spidery, sparse tones of their first two albums to procure brighter and more upbeat sounds while maintaining the delicately flowing musicalities of Beach House and Devotion.

Teen Dream is a gently painted portrait of youth and young love that embodies lovelorn lyrics and soundscapes. In “Norway,” a Teen Dream teaser track released last year, Legrand stretches words past their natural conclusion, allowing listeners to drift away into her warm melodrama and heartache. Of all the artists who sing of heartbreak, none coat it with a glimmering sheen like Beach House does.

Give these tracks a listen: “Walk in the Park” and “Lover of Mine”

For fans of: Grizzly Bear, Camera Obscura

– Simone Wahng


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