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CD Review: A Chorus of Storytellers

The Album Leaf

A Chorus of Storytellers

Sub Pop

Rating: 4

If some musician’s music can be classified as a self-portrait, The Album Leaf’s music is a beautiful landscape painting. If not edgy, Album Leaf’s songs are soft and soothing. They don’t strive to make you dance, nor do they incite mosh pits. Rather, the cathartic instrumentals are the defining ingredient of their music. From start to finish, the song names read like chapters in a book that portray man’s path through life using the metaphor of naturalistic forces. The album’s first chapter begins with “Blank Pages,” and ends with “Tied Knots” – an appropriate way to end the album, because it is simultaneously melancholic and hopeful.

A Chorus of Storytellers is the kind of album that stands as an art form in its entirety. It is not just a compilation of singles, as no song stands out as the strongest. Still, the blending of all the tracks to make a single entity may be what makes the album so cohesive and beautiful.

Give these tracks a listen: “Summer Fog,” “Until the Last”

For fans of: Bloc Party, Red House Painters

– Eleni Stephanides


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