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CD Review: Autonomous

Artist: Outputmessage

Album: Autonomous

Label: Output Noise

Rating: 4

Bernard Farley, better known as Outputmessage, has been making his name in the DC music scene for the past few years. After being featured on Idol Tryouts: Ghostly International Vol. 1 (2003) and Vol. 2 (2006), Farley became heavily involved in various new projects including two DJ nights called Marquis and Flat Out!, a collaboration with electronic pop group New Models and a disco-house outfit, Dmerit, consisting of Micah Vellian and himself. URB Magazine also described him as “the good parts from Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin and New Order” in their Next 100 Top Artists list in 2006.

Since the release of his first singles early last decade, Outputmessage has brought listeners exciting electronic albums and remixes. Autonomous continues this trend by featuring more pop elements in addition to the incorporation of his own voice for the first time.

Give these tracks a listen: “I Remember ft. City Rain,” “Prelude”

For fans of: Aphex Twin, Autechre

-Simone Wahng


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