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Commission sponsors interactive sex-ed workshop

As National Condom Week approaches later this month, various campus groups are stepping up their game when it comes to sexual education.

On Monday, ASUCD’s Gender and Sexuality Commission will host an event titled “Interactive Sex-Ed” at the King’s Lounge in the MU as part of the its annual Generation Sex Week. The commission will hold approximately 10 other events.

The informational workshop will run from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., and will be hosted by Jezzie Fulmen, a community counselor at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center (LGBTRC).

“Both my co-president and I have a pretty extensive background in sex education,” Fulmen said. “What we’ve often found is that you get the most energy if you respond to questions that the participants bring with them.”

Though still in the planning stages, the event will include a number of exercises meant to increase sexual awareness and to go beyond subjects addressed by traditional sexual education.

“We have done exercises where we will post up at the front of the room a long list of explicit words related to sex,” Fulmen said. “We have people get into pairs and practice reading the words to each other.”

Fulmen says that this exercise, among others, helps students to deal with sex in an explicit and real way.

Beyond the general treatment of sex by the group exercises, Fulmen plans to host a session where she will answer students’ questions.

“What we will usually do is bring a box for people to submit questions anonymously,” Fulmen said, “and then answer them to the whole group. This way they can get their specific questions answered, even if they are shy about asking questions about sex.”

The event will be followed by a masturbation workshop, coordinated by Good Vibes, an adult sex toy store, held from 6 to 7 p.m. in King Lounge in the Memorial Union.

Not to be outdone, the Love Lab will be promoting the use of lubricants with “Wetter is Better”, an event that begins on Feb. 8, and ends the following Friday.

“During that week, the Love Lab will be stocked with new, fun types of lube,” said Emily Wasson, a student assistant for health education and promotion. “The Love Lab will be going out to the ARC and Segundo and students are also encourage to stop by and get some of our limited time lube.”

As a whole, Generation Sex Week is intended to bring awareness to all things sexual.

“The focus of the events and programs are on building awareness and education around issues of gender, sexuality, sexual assault, body positivity and the celebration of all gender and sexual identities and expressions,” said Laura Mitchell, community intern at the LGBTRC.

For a complete list of events, see Generation Sex Week’s facebook page.

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